September 9, 2014

Destiny, the most anticipated video game of 2014, utilizes Finnish graphics technology, Umbra 3

Umbra Software’s visibility tech helps Bungie to create the next generation of video game graphics

Helsinki, Finland – September 9th, 2014 – Destiny, the upcoming and award-winning game created by the critically-acclaimed developer Bungie and published by Activision Publishing, Inc. is powered in part by the Umbra Visibility Solution developed by Umbra Software in Finland. Umbra’s visibility technology has been in development since 2007, and now several of the most respected game studios and successful video games use the Umbra 3 Visibility Solution.

Umbra Software has collaborated with Bungie since 2011. Many of the features of Umbra 3 have been specifically developed to meet the needs of Destiny. Bungie required an automated visibility solution that enables rapid content iteration times, and now every version of the game uses the Umbra 3 visibility Solution.

Umbra’s technology plays an important role in the creation of our next universe by freeing our artists from the burden of manual markups typically associated with polygon soup.” says Hao Chen, Senior Graphics Architect at Bungie.

It has been a real honor working with Bungie’s engineering team and meeting the technical challenges presented by Destiny,” says Otso Mäkinen, Chief Technology Officer of Umbra Software.

The Umbra 3 Visibility Solution improves development workflow by enabling both rapid content iteration as well as the creation of more detailed graphics content. The software automatically generates occlusion data from “polygon soup”, enabling artists to use their valuable time on creating graphically impressive game worlds.

The spatial data generated by Umbra is not only used for occlusion culling. It also allows audio occlusion as well as streaming in new environments based on player position.

The Umbra 3 Visibility Solution is available for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360, Windows and iOS platforms.

Destiny launches on the 9th of September and will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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