Kill Shot Bravo upgrades the graphics performance with Umbra

July 19, 2016

Helsinki, Finland – July 19th – Umbra announced today that Hothead Games has licensed the Umbra 3 Visibility Solution to improve graphics performance in Kill Shot Bravo. The game was initially launched in November 2015 for iOS and Android – Umbra is introduced in the 1.9 version which is scheduled for release at 27th of July.

Kill Shot Bravo is an intense first person shooter for mobile phones and tablets. Trained as a Special Forces soldier you will navigate secret missions across the globe, eliminating hostile forces and terrorist organizations that stand in the way of a peaceful world. The game features realistic and highly detailed graphics that really push the envelope on mobile devices.

“We want to stay at the cutting edge of visual fidelity in mobile gaming, so using Umbra is strategically very important to us. The development team has been very pleased with the results we’ve had and how easy it is to use an automatic optimization solution,” Hothead Games, Director of Development, Vlad Ceraldi says.

Kill Shot Bravo runs on a custom engine made in-house. Umbra was integrated to ensure the best possible visuals. It creates an optimized database from your 3D data, whether it is a small game level or a huge architectural model. Umbra processes your data automatically, which means you can give Umbra your geometry as-is without modifying it in any way, or doing any extra work. Umbra’s optimized database can then be used in an application to perform queries. The queries answer questions like “what can be seen here?” or “what needs to be rendered next?”.

Umbra runs on virtually any modern CPU and does not depend on any specific hardware or external software. It’s also available for a free evaluation on all major platforms.

About Umbra

Umbra has been powering up graphics performance in more than 125 video games during the last 10 years. Clients include internationally renowned game studios that have produced commercially successful AAA productions such as Call of Duty®: Black Ops III, Batman Arkham Knight, Quantum Break, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Destiny.

Umbra is a Helsinki based company that was founded in 2006. Today the company employs a team of 20 specialists working in Finland, United States, Korea, China and Japan.

About Hothead Games

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