Red Duck Inc., licenses Umbra for Metro Conflict: Presto

December 20, 2011


Red Duck Inc.’s highly anticipated futuristic military shooter chooses Umbra as its rendering optimization middleware

Helsinki, Finland (December 20, 2011) – Umbra Software, the premiere provider of state of the art rendering optimization middleware, announced today that Red Duck Inc., (Seoul) has licensed Umbra’s technology for its highly-anticipated Metro Conflict: Presto to be released for the PC as a free 2 play FPSMMO.

Developers taking full advantage of Umbra’s automated software occlusion culling include: Bungie, 38 Studios, IO Interactive, Sony Online Entertainment, Tripwire, CCP, Specular Interactive and Remedy Entertainment.

Red Duck Inc., well-known for its multiple award winning Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), is working on Metro Conflict: Presto, an online shooter set in the near future, offering state of the art graphics and unique combat features. Some of the new gameplay features specifically utilize Umbra’s technology.

Umbra is a rendering and performance optimizing middleware that is used to improve frame rates and help to create visually striking game worlds. Umbra does this by optimizing critical parts of a game such as rendering, audio and game logic with highly effective content streaming. Umbra automatically generates portals in pre-process which are used for highly-efficient occlusion culling taking away tedious manual work from artists.

Umbra’s latest rendering optimizing suite, Umbra 3.1, is available for PlayStation 3™, Xbox 360™, PC, PlayStation Vita™ and iOS™ platforms for evaluation.

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