Umbra 3 Visibility Solution available for the PlayStation(r)4

March 12, 2013


Umbra 3 Visibility Solution available for the PlayStation®4 

“Power up your PlayStation®4 games rendering and level creation”

Helsinki, Finland (March 12th, 2013) – Umbra Software, the developer of the Umbra 3 visibility solution, announced today that it has concluded a Tools & Middleware License agreement for the PlayStation®4 with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The Umbra 3 middleware is now available for the recently announced PlayStation®4 platform.

The Umbra 3 middleware powers up real-time graphics performance and productivity with automatic occluder generation and software based occlusion culling. The software has been fully optimized to take advantage of the power of the PlayStation®4 hardware.

Umbra 3 improves development workflow by enabling both rapid content iteration and the creation of more sophisticated levels and more detailed graphics content. The software automatically generates occluders from “polygon soup” empowering artists to spend their time on what really matters – creating awesome looking game worlds.

The PlayStation®4 is a massive leap in processing power and technology. There are several developers taking advantage of Umbra 3 on the PlayStation®4 platform so it’s exciting for us to see how they leverage our software to generate next-generation experiences” said Otso Mäkinen, the Chief Technology Officer and founder of Umbra Software.

The latest version of Umbra 3 is 3.2 which is available for evaluations for all licensed PlayStation®4 developers.

Visit for more information and to see videos of Umbra 3 in action.

For more information, please contact:

Farhad Taherazer (VP of Business Development)


Phone: +1 (206) 355 6590

About Umbra Software

Umbra Software Ltd. ( is a graphics software technology company founded in 2007 and based in Helsinki, Finland. Umbra Software specializes in occlusion culling, visibility and rendering optimization technology and provides middleware for all major console hardware platforms, mobile devices and the PC.

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