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Is Your Workplace Ready for Augmented Reality?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Augmented Reality (AR) before- it’s in that application that got kids, and adults, all over the world outside hunting Pokemon; it allows consumers to visually explore furniture choices before a final purchase; or even what allows sports commentators to draw plays or first down lines on a screen. The consumer market is...

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AEC Next: Onsite with AR

Spring has sprung and with that Umbra has been on the road touring through both international and local events showcasing the future of AR onsite.  This week we made a stop in Anaheim, CA for AEC:NEXT where we have both a booth presence and on-stage presentation from our CSO, Shawn Adamek.

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Understanding the Art of Architecture

Architecture, much like art itself, has gone through waves of style evolutions since the days when buildings shifted from being simply for shelter and started to take on a personality of their own. Architects will design a building with a specific look in mind for a myriad of reasons, including to fit the character of the new owners, to convey a...

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AI’s Potential in AR

As technological innovation continues to advance, we are shifting the fundamental way we want to interact with the information around us; we are no longer focused on screens but looking up to have technology blend into our daily lives more naturally. Augmented Reality brings elements of the virtual world into our world thus enhancing the things we...

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Your January Umbra Digest

It’s only January and yet we’re already getting reports of serious BIM fatigue! Is there a cure? We think the answer is Yes!

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