Antti Ylimutka

Managing the product at Umbra

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1.6.14 Release Notes

Umbra's backend enables easy optimization and delivery of high-resolution, high-performance 3D models to web browsers and native apps. Content developers can forget the polygon, resolution and memory limitations and simply upload all 3D content in full resolution. As a result, meshes to us are like paintings to an artist: never good enough and...

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1.6.13. Release Notes

It’s been a while since we’ve shared what we’ve been up to… but the good thing is that we’ve been up to a lot! Below you can find a collection of updates we’ve pushed live during the last weeks.  

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Large and complex 3D content in Unity

One of the biggest issues our 3D developer partners encounter is the sheer amount of time it takes to optimize and import large 3D models. While, for example Unity has announced that they're working on improving their FBX-support, we decided to approach the problem from a different perspective: what if you could stream the 3D content directly at...

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