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Tomorrow’s Cloud Will Democratize 3D Content Creation

The future of cloud-based 3D content distribution is becoming an increasingly popular topic, especially as AR and VR platforms have finally started to see some early growth. In the enterprise sector, practical use-cases abound for leveraging 3D models, maps and other content to become more effective and efficient on the job. For consumers,...

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The Potential of AI in 3D Visualization

I recently attended the Collision conference in New Orleans, Louisiana earlier this month. For those not familiar with the event, it’s a massive meetup where hundreds of start-up companies have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to dozens of venture capitalists and thousands of other attendees.

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Augmented Insights on the Job Site of the (Near) Future


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3D Content Delivery & ARCloud


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3D Scanned Old Helsinki Scale Model for Virtual and Augmented Reality


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