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It’s only January and yet we’re already getting reports of serious BIM fatigue! Is there a cure? We think the answer is Yes!

We’re very excited to share with you a host of new features we’ve been working on that will have you using your BIM-models out in the real world in no time.

A is for Anchoring


Say goodbye to pen and paper and 2D images for site inspections! Comparing your design against reality is now easy using the powerful new anchoring feature in our iOS-app. Simply lock the model in place and review progress.

  • Overlay 3D models on real-world buildings or foundations with Augmented Reality
  • Single-click export from Revit / Archicad
  • Use models in 1:1 scale and adjust level of transparency 
  • Export different sets of elements (e.g. foundations and pipes only) into different views
  • Works with content exported from Unity

Our Beta testers have loved this feature and are already using it in their day to day work on site.
Get started by downloading our updated iOS app!

B is for beta

Collaborating with your team is now really easy using our new annotations beta feature:

  • Save camera locations
  • Add comments
  • Generate screenshots
  • Categorize issues (Open, WIP, Done)
  • Uploading a new version of the same model allows you to check on progress and work through the list of issues
Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 13.24.35.png

Now available in beta at, graduating soon to all supported Pryzm platforms.

Unity plug-in compatible with macos

The Unity plug-in now supports Unity on MacOS and building apps for iOS-devices! 

under the hood improvements

We’ve also spent time optimizing how we process models in the back-end. While this gets engineery fast, we’re splitting tasks faster, and using our existing resources better. All this makes computation faster, allowing us to start focusing on increasing visual quality.


But don’t take our word for it- Sign up today and get ready to be...BIMpressed!

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